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EVOLT Passion, the love moped? No, this classic color not only works on sports cars but also works really well on an electric moped.

Now with a stronger battery and digital display!

Available in stock with 2-3 days free delivery to the door.


Is your color not in stock? Do not worry, you can pre-order the next batch by clicking below or email 

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Top speed : 45 km / h
Classification : Moped Class 1
Range : Up to 50km on a battery
100km on two batteries
Motor : 2000 W discarded electric motor
Battery : 60V, 22.4 ah Samsung / LG Lithium battery
Battery weight : 7-8 kg
Brakes : Front and rear disc brakes
Tires : 110 / 90-10 Tubeless tires
Lock : Digital lock
Charging time : 5-6 hours
Total weight : 80 kg
Charging cycles : 1000 charges
Dashboard : Digital
Max Load weight: 160 kg

To see more info about EVOLT electric mopeds, go to the Buying Guide page.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 192 × 68 × 115 cm
Return Policy

14-day right of return if product is unused. 10-day right of return even if the customer has tested the electric moped. This provided that all packaging is left for repackaging. Read more about this on the General Terms and Conditions and Return Policy.


All mopeds come with a charger, a battery, rain cover and rear package holder.
Customers can buy accessories such as an extra charger, battery or storage box in the accessories shop.
Seats are also available in 3 different colors; Black, Brown and White.


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A step for the environment!

Choosing an electric moped as a mode of transport is really a blow to the environment. With our retro electric mopeds, you can feel comfortable in your commute both physically and mentally without having to worry about your personal style. Did you also know that we plant trees in your name when you buy an EVOLT Electric Moped? This is part of our environmental policy where we strive to give back to mother earth. You can read more about this initiative on the ” Environment ” page.

No more smelly gasoline and loud engines!

You will have a real “Aha” experience the first time you take off on an EVOLT Electric Moped. First of all, they are completely silent, something that makes your trip much more comfortable. Unlike fossil-fueled mopeds, you can now talk to your friend who is riding the electric moped without having to shout! If you drive alone, you will only hear the wind and chirping birds, a real feeling of freedom! 

Secondly, you do not have to smell two-stroke oil when you get to work. EVOLT Electric mopeds do not need an excessive amount of oil or foul-smelling gasoline. Remove the battery and charge in the first best wall socket, there’s your local gas station!

Save money and time!

It may feel like an investment at first, but the fact is that when you replace costs such as driving, bus passes and fuel, you get the investment back pretty quickly. Driving an EVOLT electric moped is estimated to cost just a few cents per mile in electricity costs. In addition, there is very little service on our retro electric mopeds as they contain so few components, as well as an electric motor that works without any chains or components that can rust or wear out!