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When looking for an electric moped, it is important to understand and evaluate several factors before purchase. Below we list the factors that we think are very important, regardless of whether you intend to buy a retro EVOLT electric moped or not!


Engine power

The effect on the electric motor can determine if your trip will be a wonderful trip or tough and frustrating.

Electric mopeds come with all sorts of motor powers ranging from 800W to 2000W or even higher.

A higher power of course gives a quicker electric moped. Also, it gives you the opportunity to pack heavier and transport friends even up steep slopes.

EVOLT electric mopeds come with an electric motor of 2000W which makes it possible to get around unhindered and fast.


The battery is what supplies energy to the control unit, a good battery can be the difference between going 10km extra, and extending the lifespan of the battery by one year.

That’s why we have chosen our lithium batteries from Samsung / LG. These batteries allow you to drive 40-50km before they need to be charged.

The life of our batteries is 800-1000 charge cycles. This means that they can maintain full effect even if you would charge them every day for about 3 years.

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If you are a handy person, you will not have any problems at all to fix potential problems that may arise with our electric mopeds, but this is not our philosophy.

We want everyone to feel cared for and serviced no matter what problems may have arisen. We take great pride in the fact that we have such satisfied customers!

Therefore, it is important to remember that our service is only a call or email away and we are available every day of the week with a quick response or a helping hand.

Origin factory

There are a whole bunch of factories that manufacture electric mopeds around the world. The quality of these factories is mixed, something that is important for you as a consumer to be aware of.

An experienced and professional factory contributes to a significant increase in safety and lifetime of your electric moped. This has been a top priority for us at an early stage, which is why we have performed quality tests on a large number of electric mopeds from different factories.

Individual components have also been tested to ensure that EVOLT electric mopeds last in northern climates.



The brakes are vital. Like the other components, we have also tested different brakes for quality and service life.

EVOLT electric mopeds are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes both rear and front. This is because hydraulic brakes have a longer lifespan than e.g. mechanical and requires very little maintenance.

Disc brakes are also easier to replace than drum brakes and are more weather resistant.

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