This is the electric bike that makes heads turn and people envious. Scandinavias coolest electric bike equipped with premium components from a number of suppliers is here! Classified as an electric bicycle,  drives like a moped. Now also upgraded with shock absorbers at the back and front, as well as stronger batteries!
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Equipped with a 250W electric motor, which means that it is classified as a bicycle. No registration or insurance is required to run it. No fuss, just get on and bike!


Come up to 50km with the pedal-assisted engine! In addition, you can easily give your friend a ride at the back with the seat that has room for two!


There is also a thumb throttle which is very easy to connect. For those who want even more moped feeling and a little more assistance in their riding!

Common Questions

The length of the bike is about 165cm between the outer edges of the tires. The saddle height is about 80cm. The handlebars are adjustable and you can adjust it as you like. A good yardstick to use is that the model in the pictures is about 183cm tall.

You need to mount the handlebar and the headlight, as well as the front tyre. It always comes with a small tool set.

Absolutely, the bike is designed for few with an extra passenger with the extra long saddle. In addition, there are fold-out footrests for the passenger as an accessory you can buy.

You always have a 2-year guarantee to lean on if something goes wrong or does not work! 1-year warranty applies to batteries.

Yes absolutely! With the fat tires and deep-track patterns, you can drive all year round!

Yes you have a locking mechanism where the battery is located so you can leave it without worrying that it is gone when you come back!

To mount on the supplied thumb gas, you must first remove the right rubber handle and then thread the thumb gas in and connect the cord!

No, you do not need a driving license to ride an EVOLT Bike. There is also no age limit for using our bikes.

Just like you charge a smartphone or computer! Removes the battery under the seat, takes it with you and plugs the charger into the wall socket!