Become a Partner!

Now you can become one of us and earn easy money by selling electric mopeds through your channels! All that is required is that you have a website, social channel or a blog in order to apply for the EVOLT Partnership.

Apply now or read more below!

How does it work?

1. Do you have a channel?

If you have a channel in the form of a website, social media or blog, you can apply to become an EVOLT Partner and receive good commissions!

2. Your request is reviewed

Once you have applied, your request will be reviewed by us to ensure that it will be a good match between the two of us!

3. Approved

Once you have been approved, you get access to Affiliate's corner which gives you insight into all statistics and gives you access to create your own links, as well as link your own page.

4. You are ready to sell!

Once you have created a link or linked a page, you are ready! By simply promoting a link or our website, all traffic from your channel is tracked for at least 30 days. If a purchase is made during that time, you will be paid a set percentage!

Easy to use, easy to make money!